xArm Series

Kinematic and Dynamic Parameters of xArm Series

The purpose of this article is to guide the user to distinguish the model of UFactory xArm by SN.

①: stands for the number of axes of the arm.

There are three values: S / I / F.





⑪:stands for the type of harmonic type.

If ⑪ is 0, please send the SN of the xArm to technical support(email:support@ufactory.cc)

If ⑪ is L, it means the robotic arm is model 2.

If ⑪ is B, it means the robotic arm is model1/model3:

1) If ⑥⑦ is 04-12 and the position ⑧⑨ is 20, the model of the UFACTORY xArm is model 3 (such as 0420).

2) If ⑥⑦⑧⑨ is other numbers, the model of the UFACTORY Arm is model 1.

For example:

SN of the robotic arm: XF 1304 12C2 3B1E

It is xArm5, model 1.

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