How to solve the error C31: Abnormal Current

When the actual obtained current exceeds the expected current threshold, our software will report a C31 error and stop the arm to protect it.

There are 4 reasons, please check the configs below to solve it.

1. TCP payload

Check if the TCP payload setting on 'Settings-Motion-TCP' is consistent with the actual payload.

2. High motion speed

Try to lower the speed to verify this problem.

3. Friction parameter

Check if the friction parameter is loaded successfully.

You can enter 'Settings-My Device-System Info-Robot SN', if the SN info is consistent with the SN attached to the robot base, if so the friction parameter is loaded successfully.

4. Collision sensitivity

Try to lower the 'Settings-Motion-Parameters-collision sensitivity' to verify this problem.

Note: If there are still problems, please provide the information above to the support team.

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