Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions of UFactory Robots.

1. If the Emergency Button is pressed and then released, will the program continue to run next to the previous program?

A: NO, all caches on the control box will be cleared, similar to arm.set_state(4).

2. How many movements can be recorded? Can record movements be played in different orders in Blockly?

A: We don't limit the quantity of the record movements, it should be more than 1 million movements in total. You can record movements and play in different orders via the 'Import' block.

3. Is the UFactory robot waterproof?

A: No, neither the UFactory robot nor the controller is waterproof.

We can customize the waterproof version, please send the application scenario to the support team.

4. Is there an accuracy and reliability test?

A: Yes, each joint would be tested before assembling, and we test the assembled arms with a 2kg payload for 48 hours before shipping.

5. What is the warranty period of the UFactory robot?

A: 1 Year.

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