How to solve 'server is not ready'?

1. Introduction

UFactory Studio is divided into server and client(UI).

'Server is not ready' means that the client cannot access the server.


UFactory Studio server is pre-installed and running in the control box, users don't need to install it by themselves.


UFactory Studio client is installed on the user's computer. The client is the same as the browser, the user can access the server by entering 'IP+:18333' in the browser, without installing any software. (For example

2. Troubleshoot

Please check the following information and provide all information to the support team if any problems.

1) The SN of the robot and control box.

2) Check if the power and LAN indicators are normal. Kindly shoot a video and send it to us.

  • Power indicator: one is always on and the other one is blinking.

  • LAN indicator: Blinking

3) Check if the IP address of computer is on the same network segment as the robotic arm.

  • The default IP of robotic arm is

Method of the IP Configuration

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