How to solve the error C24: Speed Exceeds Limit

There are 2 reasons for C24 error:

  1. The motion speed(calculated joint speed) is too high.

  2. Singularity appears in the motion path.


1. Reduce TCP speed

Reducing TCP motion speed/acceleration/jerk in the program.

2. Re-plan the path to the target point(Interpolation)

3. Bypass singularities

(Firmware version: V2.1.0+)

1) UFACTORY Studio: Settings-General-Advanced Settings-Bypassing Singularities.

2) Python SDK: set_allow_approx_motion(self, on_off)


1) Reduce TCP Speed

2) Re-plan the path

3) Enable 'Bypassing Singularities'.

Note: If the above methods can not solve your issue, please send the files below to the support team.

1. The firmware and UFactory Studio version.

2. The script or points(>2) that can reproduce the problem.

3. The configuration file. It can be downloaded in 'Settings-General-Advanced Settings-Logic-Export the configuration file'.

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