Service Introduction

  The services and messages defined in this package is based on the programming API. To offer a way for users to call them by ROS interface. Services provided are:


  To enable or disable the servo control of any joint.(message type: xarm_msgs::SetAxis)


  To set operation mode. (message type: xarm_msgs::SetInt16) * 0 for POSE mode, the robot will be position controlled. Trajectory will be planned by XArm Controller. * 1 for SERVOJ mode, the robot will be commanded by servo_j function, fast & immediate execution like a step response, use this if user can generate properly interpolated trajectory. * 2 for TEACH_JOINT mode, Gravity compensated mode, no position control.


  To set robot state. (message type: xarm_msgs::SetInt16) * 0 for READY/START state, robot must be in this state to perform any motion. * 3 for PAUSE state, robot motion will be suspended. * 4 for STOP state, if error occurs or configuration changes, robot will switch to this state.


  Robot will go to home position with specified velocity and acceleration.(message type: xarm_msgs::Move)


  Robot TCP will move to Caetesian target point with a straight line trajectory. Under specified Cartesian velocity and acceleartion. (message type: xarm_msgs::Move)


  Given a set of targets, robot will move to final target through middle points, at each middle point, 2 straight-line trajectory will be blended with specified radius. (message type: xarm_msgs::Move)


  Given all desired joint positions, and max joint angular velocity/acceleration, robot will move to joint space target. (message type: xarm_msgs::Move)


  Used in SERVOJ mode, and if user have trajectory planned, call this service with high enough rate. Each trajectory point will be executed fast and immediately. (message type: xarm_msgs::Move)

Please check the inside srv files for detailed data information.

Feedback Status Message

Refer to RobotMsg for robot feedback information contents published through topic "/xarm/xarm_states".

Refer to CIOState for the gpio of the control box feedback information contents published through topic "/xarm/controller_gpio_states".

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